Lighting and Shading

technology is a necessity to manage light in a way that works for you

Artificial and natural lighting are often-overlooked design elements that, when missing, detract from the entire look and feel of a space. A well-lit room, however, can showcase interior finishes, provide peace of mind when coming home, and creates a sense of ease when resting at the end of the day.

Imagine if technology gives you the ability to manage any form of light and make it work for you.

It’s more than possible. In large spaces, technology is almost a necessity to manage lights in a way that works for your pre-determined goals. From one-room to whole-house solutions, we can conveniently streamline wired and wireless options in a way that is both functionally and visually appealing. Protect a space from sun damage, reduce heat gain, or create a certain atmosphere from one button press. We take care to meet code and performance needs with the interior design of the space. Our solutions not only enhance the look and feel of an area, but also save you time so you can get about your day. By harnessing the power of lighting and shading, we can revolutionize the aesthetics of your home or business.

  • Single room and/or whole-home lighting solutions
  • Wired and wireless technologies
  • Automatic light and shade responses:
    • during certain times of the day (coming/going)
    • for whole-house, connected scenes (home/away)
    • for intrusion (security armed/lights on)
  • Energy-efficient dimming
  • Automatic shades for:
    • hard-to-reach spaces
    • glare reduction
    • heat gain
    • sun damage protection

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