Acoustics and Entertainment

enjoy your surroundings with audio and video systems that stimulate your particular interests

When designed and implemented well, technology transforms “audio/visual” into a complete sensory experience.  Integration Controls will optimize your consumption of media in accordance with your specific standard of excellence.

Think of the amount of hardware that’s been introduced to enhance the speed and quality of your entertainment; things like wired and wireless technologies, streaming content, and ultra high definition screen quality. Our experts know how to harness the power of modern technology to address your specific interests, priorities, and budget.

Your media can now be consumed based on purpose; a purpose identified by you and augmented by our expertise. Indoor music, outdoor theaters, bathroom mirror televisions, home cinema and media rooms, entire conference room video-walls: You designate what you want to experience. We make it happen, easily –at the touch of a button.

Design, installation, and programming for complete turn-key solutions like

  • Single room video and sound optimization
  • Whole home or building sound and video integration
  • Media rooms and lower level ‘entertainment’ zones
  • Outdoor media
  • Dedicated home cinema
  • Boardroom optimization
  • Multi-media video-walls
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