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Small Business Saturday...All Year Long

Shop local for gifts and experiences to be remembered, long after the holidays are over!

Small Business Saturday...All Year Long

Small Business Saturday is a retail event that occurs in November and was initially created (by American Express) to encourage consumers to shop locally, in person and online, at small businesses. It’s a great opportunity for small businesses to increase sales during the holiday shopping season as they compete with companies like Amazon or Walmart. Plus, it reminds people of the benefits of shopping local, such as keeping your money invested in the community, creating a personal connection to local businesses, delivering enhanced expertise and service, and helping you find those unique and diverse products and services for the very best gift—even for the quirkiest folks on your list. 

Small Business Saturday is more than an event, however, it’s a mindset we can all enjoy year-round! So avoid the lines and shipping delays this holiday season and give your loved ones an experience to that will last long after the thrill of the season is over. 

Technological enhancements to the home not only bring beauty, they also bring convenience and a better quality of life, almost magically.

What kind of magic can we provide?  Here are three examples for smart-home gifting this holiday season:

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Historic Home Renovation Series: The “Sub-Wolfer”—A Surprise Subwoofer Location

An Origin Acoustics subwoofer installed below a Wolf Range helps to fill this great room with fantastic bass response.

Historic Home Renovation Series: The “Sub-Wolfer”—A Surprise Subwoofer Location

The homeowners of this 4,000-square-foot historic home recently remodeled, adding a 12,000 addition that includes a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen with two islands. The addition, designed to be a space for entertaining, has audio throughout so that everyone can listen to music, with invisible speakers in the ceiling doing the honors. However, when it came time to pump up the bass, locating a subwoofer in the room was tricky. In the big, open space of a great room, freestanding audio components like subwoofers can be less than desirable from an aesthetic point of view.

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Historic Home Renovation Series: An Exceptional Quincy, Illinois, Historic Home Brings Designer Collaboration

This historic home renovation project in Quincy, Illinois, was a huge success due to great collaboration between the design team and Integration Controls.

Historic Home Renovation Series: An Exceptional Quincy, Illinois, Historic Home Brings Designer Collaboration

When good collaboration between designers, builders, and integrators happens on projects, the end results are exceptional, which means ecstatic homeowners. That was the case for this 100+year-old home in Quincy, Illinois. The homeowners wanted to feature every modern convenience, including smart home technology, while still honoring the home’s heritage and history. Quincy has a rich history, with an array of historic homes that date back from before the Civil War—some as early as 1830! Preservation has been important for many of these homes, but yet there is still a need and a place for smart home technology.