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  • Lighting Control

    Add convenience, ambiance, and peace of mind with smart lighting controls that work for you!

  • Motorized Window Treatments

    Comfortable elegance meets convenient energy efficiency with automated window coverings for any décor.

  • Connected Home

    Save time and enhance everyday living with a smart connection to your home technology, whether you are home or away from home.


    Smart Home Automation

    Your time is maximized, your life simplified, and your home functions better when all of your smart products and systems work together for you. Consider your routine for leaving the house. Do you adjust your lights, thermostat, lock doors, turn off the TV, and open your garage door? Your ‘Away’ button could do all of this for you as you rush out of the door. If remotes are piled up or lighting switches cause you stress, our integrated solutions will streamline your space and reduce frustration. Intuitive and simplified access to your home technology is just around the corner.

    Smart Lighting and Dimming Controls

    Our experience with light is personal: it moves us, scares us, calms us. When you are in control of light, it offers peace of mind and ambiance, perfectly tailored to your preference at that moment in time. Lighting can be controlled from your smart device or from convenient and attractive keypads that provide scene control to connect your lifestyle with your light-style. Imagine the lights your ‘Sleep’ scene would control and contact us to make it happen!

    Motorized Window Treatments

    Motorized window treatments easily adjust the amount of daylight into your home while increasing comfort, saving energy, and protecting interiors. The convenience of automation ensures these adjustments happen without human intervention to transform harsh glare into pleasing light, enhance privacy while preserving your view, or reduce solar heat gain while protecting furniture, artwork and floors from UV damage. For outdoor spaces, retractable insect and solar screens provide relief from bugs and unforgiving sun rays on your deck or patio. Hundreds of fabric and color choices are available to compliment any décor.

    Connected Home Technologies

    Whether you are home or away on vacation, enjoy convenient access to your home environment to save you time and offer peace of mind. From your smart device, you can check in on the nanny, unlock the door for a guest, or get notified when the lights were left on. Today’s modern kitchen and bath appliances, media players, video doorbells and more require a network connection – either wired or wireless – and we are here to ensure a reliable and secure connection when you need it the most, whether you are working in downtown St. Louis or comfortably at home in Town and Country.

    Home WiFi and Networking

    A great wireless experience requires a solid and reliable home network, which is the central nervous system for all streaming services, Internet browsing, online gaming and more. Our installed network solutions ensure your home isn’t cluttered by plug-in electronics to provide house-wide Internet – indoors and out! A high-speed and secure network provides the functionality and protection your family needs, including parental controls: monitor mobile devices, Internet searches, web history, filter YouTube content and more.

    Whole House Entertainment

    Enjoy music and movies in nearly any space of your home. Our team of dedicated home theater installers and media designers can build the perfect solution with hidden appeal. Forget about volume knobs and in-wall keypads. Smart phones, tablets, and touchpanels provide an attractive and intuitive method to control what you want to hear and see – with ease. Speakers can be in the walls, ceilings or bookshelves; proudly displayed or discreetly hidden. Televisions don’t have to be black boxes on the walls; instead, they can be art when off or with a purpose-built mirror TV, you wouldn’t even know it was there until you turned it on! Outdoor living spaces benefit from today’s technology as well: immerse yourself in music without seeing a speaker at your pool, or enjoy the Cardinal’s game on an outdoor TV, specifically built to perform in the elements. What entertains you? We'll make it happen.

    Have an upcoming Residential project?

    Whether your home is existing, your are undergoing a remodel, or you are designing/building from the ground up, we have solutions for you! Click the button below to answer a few questions and a System Sales and Design Consultant will contact you to discuss your project.