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Making Spaces Sound as Good as They Look

Making Spaces Sound as Good as They Look

Today's design trends involve a bunch of hard surfaces: high-gloss lacquer, mirrors everywhere, granite and hardwoods as far as the eye can see. But as striking as these spaces can look, the problem of reflected sound in the form of echos and poor acoustics can threaten to ruin the experience. Integration Controls is a company that takes sound treatments seriously, both in terms of how they improve sonics, and how they actually add to the visual dynamic. This is all part and parcel of our holistic outlook on how you enjoy your home, irrespective of the challenges it presents.


                                        Big, flat walls no longer have to present big noisy challenges.

Sound is dealt with in rooms in three major ways: absorption, diffusion and low frequency containment. Typically, the biggest issue outside of application-specific problems in home theaters, for example, is absorption. By containing certain audio frequencies and preventing them from bouncing around the room which, in extreme cases, can make even simple conversations difficult, spaces are more pleasant to be in. Echo and jarring room acoustics prevent us from being at ease in environments that are often so painstakingly designed to be as beautiful as possible.

Artnovion 25 design suggestion classical 9efda4cf10Artnovion acoustic treatments offer a designer aesthetic to acoustic problems.

For commercial and larger environments, Integration Controls offer solutions that effectively break up, or diffuse sound. Why would you want to diffuse sound vs absorbing it? Diffusion is the act of ensuring that sounds are evenly dispersed in an environment, whereas absorption simply "soaks up" certain frequencies. And yes, in many cases, you'll need to deploy both types. We offer an extensive selection of panel options per category, and you can use two different types of panels based aesthetics, severity of the problem, or both.

Artnovion design suggestion classical 90de1ff7a2Integration Controls prefers furniture-grade treatment options vs ugly eggcrate-style "solutions."

Integration Controls takes your entire space into consideration, not just the media room. In fact, the majority of our projects are designed to enhance your life everywhere in the home, whether it's lighting control, shades and window treatments, or acoustics. We have treatment solutions we can show you in our shop, or we can bring them to you. Call us today to find out what we can do for your space!