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Lighting Design Unlocks the Beauty of Your St. Louis Home

Lighting Design Unlocks the Beauty of Your St. Louis Home

Hey St. Louis, it’s time to level up your home with lighting design. There’s so much more you can achieve with the lights in your home than simply illuminating dark spaces. When you plan for lighting design with Integration Controls, we help accentuate architectural details and artwork, evoke ambiance, and elegantly transform the look and feel of every room in your home—with a simple press of a button or through voice control. 

With all the new lighting technologies and fixtures available today, why stick with the same, boring four-cans-and-a fan setup? By spending time upfront, you can unveil tasteful, timeless lighting effects that make every room of your home cozier, more welcoming, and visually stunning.

This can only happen by developing a lighting design BEFORE the electrical walk-through, as you remodel or construct your home, says Jamie Briesemeister, co-founder and CEO of Integration Controls. If you wait until the electrical wiring has been installed, it’s too late. Integration Controls lives up to its namesake by integrating the lighting design with the electronics, wiring, and controls required for beautiful light where and when you want it. 

“Our service is turnkey and collaborative,” Jamie adds. “It’s important to work with the client, builder, and electrician to ensure the right lights are selected, sourced, and set up properly—and it’s equally important to be there throughout construction AND beyond.” 

A monumental array of new technologies is being developed into LED lamps and fixture designs. Integration Controls uses these new technologies to ensure eye-catching results—a layered, glowing effect that illuminates the room evenly, without shadows, while accentuating key aesthetic features of the space and providing a lit environment built for the humans who live inside it. “A well-lit space will draw attention to the architecture, finishes, or will simply make you feel calmer and more at ease.  You may not even notice the source of the light, leaving decorative pieces to be just what they are meant to be— wall jewelry,” Jamie says.  

At a recent trade event, Integration Controls was introduced to STRUT from WAC Lighting, an innovative track system that allows for individual control of each light module in the track. Recessed or suspended, the STRUT system accommodates downlights, spotlights, hidden spotlights, wall-wash lighting, pendant lighting, and more—all in the same track with hot-swap exchanges, allowing simple changes as needed.

Typically, when designing with light, you must choose the color temperature, beam angle, and finish type (flanged or flangeless) prior to purchase. DMF has reinvented this process, by making it incredibly simple: Choose round or square before ordering, the rest is modular! With 1% dimming and 93+ CRI, the color of light and dimming is beautiful.  




Where these two design-forward solutions really shine is in their ability to adapt to any lighting design objective. Once the STRUT tracks and DMF housings have been installed, a variety of different lamp and fixture styles can be attached, positioned, and angled to direct the right amount of light to the right areas. Should you ever decide to remodel, add artwork, or rearrange furniture, the lighting configuration can be easily altered to suit the new room design. With endless possibilities, your lighting stays fresh and relevant, never staid and boring like the overused four-can-and-a-fan configuration. 

Integration Controls doesn’t stop here. “We make sure the color temperature and intensity levels are set perfectly—not overly cold and blue or warm and yellow, too dim or too bright. The illumination is just right,” Jamie says. “Combining simple and easy control with built-in intelligence of today’s latest light fixtures opens up a whole new world of beautiful lighting possibilities for your home.” 

Ready to reveal the true beauty of your home? 

Contact us to chat about your lighting design and home technology needs. We’ll work with you to simplify smart home technology to enrich the design for your home—and your life—right here in the St. Louis area.