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Jamie Briesemeister Appointed as First Female Vice Chairperson of CEDIA

The power of volunteerism puts Integration Controls in the position to provide better solutions to Integration Controls clientele.

Jamie Briesemeister Appointed as First Female Vice Chairperson of CEDIA

Recently, Integration Controls owner Jamie Briesemeister was appointed to the executive committee of CEDIA, the Global Association for the Home Technology Industry. She is the first female vice chairperson and the highest-ranking woman in the history of CEDIA’s board. 

This Q&A with Jamie about the recent news shows what it means for her and for the Integration Controls client.

Congrats on your news Jamie! We are obviously very excited for you. Tell our readers what being Vice-Chair of the CEDIA Executive Committee means to you and to Integration Controls customers. 

Thank you: I’m so honored by this appointment!

I am grateful for the opportunity to guide the direction of this huge global industry association and the custom integration, ‘smart home’ industry as a whole.  Even more so, however, I’m excited to give back to CEDIA, which has been crucial to my education in this industry as well as thousands of others.  Beyond the low-voltage industry, CEDIA’s education crosses into lighting, interior design, and architectural design, providing continuing education units to design/build professionals across the world!  

Being part of CEDIA as a member has given us the opportunity to advance the industry by being on the leading edge of technology, including best practices for design, installation and business operations, and so much more.  Being part of CEDIA as a board member, allows my innate drive for positive change to carry into an industry I care deeply about; creating change from the inside-out through CEDIA’s advocacy, standards, accredited certifications, and education.

In fact, we care so much about - everything - that we use this acronym to help describe Integration Controls.  For us - to C.A.R.E. - means to be Candid, Attentive, Responsible, and Ethical. With ‘CARE’ as one of our values, the act of volunteerism for my community fits within this mindset. We give back to our community while being afforded the opportunity to be on the leading edge, ensuring we provide simple and enriching solutions for our clients that stand the test of time.   


It’s also great from a networking perspective, correct? 

It’s invaluable to be among the top thought leaders in the home technology industry. Having met some of the brightest leaders with some of the best solutions allows us to be a better company for our clients. We share each other’s best practices and experiences bringing together efficient ways to go about operations, bettering the customer experience, and managing world-wide issues like labor and product shortages. I am honored to be chosen and included among these industry leaders and can’t wait to learn from them. I also aim to share what I’ve learned and hope they can advance either professionally or personally from me and my experience. 


What do you hope to accomplish as CEDIA Vice Chair and how will that help Integration Controls customers?

I hope to accomplish the same objectives as Vice Chair as I have through every volunteer position within CEDIA and other groups: to be a catalyst for positive change. This helps Integration Controls clients directly as it fuels me as a person and a leader to keep doing the same within my own organization. Outside of our own microcosm, however, it’s the work I and the rest of CEDIA accomplish over the next few years that will advance the industry as a whole.  

I’m honored to be a part of this evolution. 

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