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Five Design-Friendly Technologies for Holiday Gifting

Five Design-Friendly Technologies for Holiday Gifting

Before we know it, we’ll be putting together our holiday shopping list and Integration Controls Holiday Gift Guide 2022 will help you find that perfect something for everyone! This year why not pool your resources and treat the family to a gift they can all enjoy… while adding a stylish, functional flair to your home décor? Read on and give us a call! Interested in something you don’t see in our gift guide?  It may not fit inside a stocking, but we will collaborate with you to find a unique gift for your lifestyle and home’s interior. Plus, you’ll also be supporting a local business; always a good way to spread holiday cheer! (See our blog on Small Business Saturday for more on shopping locally this season!)


A ‘Smart’ Way to Send a Non-Digital Message! 

Top on our Holiday Gift Guide 2022 list is the multi-functional Vestaboard, which resembles a vintage split-flap departure display you might see at an old train station, but with a decidedly modern, high-tech twist. The 22” x 41” wall display marries the physical movement and distinctive sound of a split flap with digital connectivity to smartphones and computers. Simply press ‘send’ on your mobile device and the flaps spin to reveal each letter, symbol, or color of a custom message you’ve crafted via the Vestaboard app. You can even send Vestaboard messages to your family when you’re away from home. Inspirational quotes, to-do lists, calendar reminders, ‘what’s playing’ on Spotify, stock reports - you name it. It’s a fun, unique way to keep the family connected and schedules on track - or for our business-owning clients, the customer engagement and menu board options are endless! 


Sonos Goes Vinyl, Blending the Past With the Present!

For a few years, vinyl has been growing in popularity among all age groups.  Also, for years you could physically hook up your vinyl player to a Sonos system and stream music to Sonos speakers throughout the house.  Now, the Victrola Stream turntable acts as a native source, just like any other source on the Sonos app, but requires no physical connection. Except for the power cord, it’s completely wireless, making it a cinch to add to your home! The easy-to-adjust tonearm is counterweighted to provide the perfect force for dynamic frequency response and better audio clarity. It is the first turntable of its kind to blend the experience of vinyl playback with the ease of the Sonos ecosystem. We love blending the past with the present: let’s make future gifting fun!



Radiant Vanity Mirror

Rather than wire new fixtures to brighten your bathroom or closet space, why not opt for a new illuminated mirror? Our Seura illuminated mirrors come in a range of beautifully etched styles and sizes to fit perfectly above the vanity … or anywhere else. The tiny LEDs embedded within Seura’s lighted mirrors produce natural, evenly diffused light to brighten and smooth your complexion—who doesn’t like that? The lights radiate at a precise color rating, so there’s no second guessing on that shade of lipstick or whether you missed a spot while shaving. From the youngest member of the family who needs good light for proper brushing and flossing to the oldest who wants to look their best for a business meeting, having the right light makes all the difference. Not to mention, the mirrors are downright beautiful. Oh, and they can be “accessorized” with a defogger, clock, and push-button controls for lights.


Artsy Wall-Mounted Speaker

Music is a universal language in most families. You may all have different tastes, but chances are everyone in your family likes to kick back with favorite tunes. Skip stuffing the stockings with headphones and earbuds this year; instead, add a beautiful piece of artwork to your home that just happens to double as a high-performance speaker. Embodying a unique blend of design and technology, our Ente SoundTiles from Leon Speakers deliver reference-grade audio powered by a Sonos Amp elegantly concealed behind a custom-printed, wall-mounted speaker grille that looks more like a work of art than an audio component. The best part? Artwork of your choice can be screen printed on the grille—a painting or photograph from a favorite artist, maybe even a family portrait you took yourself. Makes a great addition to an existing Sonos system!


Stylish Soundbar for Your TV

Slender TVs often require sound enhancement for better audio quality and better volume without distortion.  Soundbars (speaker bars) have been developed to provide a better audio experience and often combine the three front speakers of a surround-sound system inside one sleek, slim unit that mounts below a TV or sits on a shelf. Space-saving and somewhat attractive, they blend in better than traditional five-piece speaker systems (bookshelf or floor-standing models). Still, there’s always room for improvement, which is why we offer the Tonecase by Leon Speakers. It looks like a piece of fine cabinetry attached to the wall—the top and sides are made of hardwood and the front is covered in a grille cloth. Each can be customized in the finish and color of your preference, made to cover a Sonos soundbar or other speakers. This makes a great option for the function (and enjoyment) of a whole-house music system, without the look of ‘black boxes’ everywhere! 

We hope you found our Holiday Gift Guide 2022 useful! It’s our mission to simplify and enrich life through curated solutions, connected by design. If you would like to learn more about any of these products or to discuss your holiday project with us, give us a call today! 314.475.3080 / opt. 2