Peace of Mind

personalized safety & security

There is no greater source of peace of mind than knowledge: is my door locked, my home secure, my child safe?… We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all answer for a worry – free life.  Every client has something unique that makes them feel secure.  We make that feeling apparent through simple controls and a design plan, specialized to your personal needs.

Beyond security systems with loud alarms, we provide a complete building-safety experience.

Cameras give visual access to even the smallest nooks and crannies of your property. You can view this footage from anywhere your mobile device will reach, including inside the space you’re monitoring.  Electronic locks automate the easily-overlooked process of properly securing your doors, and email and/or text notifications can be sent if the locks are opened at unexpected times.  These same alerts can be triggered to send when any event involving your security system occurs.   Automated lighting controls ensure that you always come home to a lit house and remote sensors can recognize your car pulling into the driveway.  You can even set entire “mockupancy” scenes (utilizing automated lighting, shading, and entertainment controls) to give the impression that a building is occupied even when it is not.

However, the benefits of a custom-tailored peace of mind don’t end there.  Let us optimize the moment when form meets function, bringing your vision of safety into reality, and putting your fears to rest.

  • ‘panic’ buttons to manage lights along with traditional intrusion systems
  • electronic locks and text message alerts
  • “mockupancy” scenes
  • remote control of security systems
  • reactive lighting environments, including light where and when you need it
  • camera system optimization
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