every room is a playground for your senses

Well-implemented technology and design can turn your home or business into a playground for your senses. Our team of experts can invisibly integrate entertainment into every corner of your environment, making each moment in your space more enjoyable.

Would you like a little news with your morning coffee?  A sleek, waterproof television could be mounted in the backsplash of your kitchen or, perhaps, a non-obtrusive corner of your breakfast nook.  Would you like to listen to music when you are home alone, entertaining, or for early-Sunday morning dance parties with your children?  We can install speakers that nearly disappear without compromising on quality, creating the mood without a trace.  Would you like to control what your children or guests see on televisions?  Intuitive, automated controls provide the flexibility to access your entire media collection – or prevent access – whenever you see fit.

Time for dinner and the kids won’t stop gaming?
You have a button for that.

Sound should be heard and felt, not seen in the form of unsightly speakers.  Media should be engaging and easy to control, not tarnished by complicated remote controls and tangled wires.  Let us design entertainment and simplicity into the framework of your daily life.

  • audio solutions for one room, a whole house, or an office space
  • multi-media access at the touch of a button
  • hidden television screens or speakers
    • invisible speakers (and they sound great!)
    • quiet, motorized art or pop-up mounts
    • purpose-built, high-performance mirror TVs
  • content controls for parental or guest management
  • design-driven, custom television or projection screen solutions
  • dedicated home cinemas for the ultimate movie buff (teenager or CEO hide-out)
  • outdoor audio/visual designs for performance and pleasure
  • hidden wires and discreet installations
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