control the feel of a room

The hallmark of ease and satisfaction within a space is the simple control of your surroundings.  Regardless of the season, the weather, or the time of day, you can dictate the feel of a room. More than a fun way to control your heating and cooling systems, our custom designs are focused on convenience and elegance.  Using technology developed for performance, aesthetics, and convenience, we can create a beautifully designed ecosystem, tailored to your personal standards of excellence.  Thermostats can be hidden in favor of remote sensors upholding the integrity of your wall space.

Artwork shall never compete with thermostats ever again!

Natural lighting provides additional considerations for heating/cooling management.  Large great room windows and southern-facing views often create huge problems with heat gain and overall comfort.  Using our comprehensive solutions, however, automated window shades can capitalize on energy saving benefits of digital simplicity – all while being a part of the interior finish plan.

Achieve a new level of comfort for all senses

  • lighting and shading control and automation
  • hidden vents
  • sleek thermostat sensors, eliminating wall clutter
  • remote control of your heating/cooling system
  • energy-efficient scenes to combat mother nature (or the secret temperature-changer in your family)
  • scheduled (yet flexible) climate settings
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