allow your space to speak for itself with no interruption

Natural and artificial lighting play into the ambiance of a room, providing an instant ‘look and feel’.  A well-lit space often comes with many controls that take away from the experience of enjoying the space.  Wall-clutter develops, which can be confusing to operate.  Shades and drapes are often specified for heat control, interior aesthetics, and glare-reduction – but if not used (because they are difficult to reach or just plain heavy), these benefits are never realized.  With our systematic design approach, however, we champion perfection down to the smallest detail: from electrical outlets, to lighting switch locations, to heating/cooling vents.

Visual appeal and simplified controls are possible, allowing ambiance to be perfect – every time.

Imagine pressing ‘Sleep’ for the night, with lights dimming, (quiet) motorized shades lowering, and exterior lights staying lit until midnight or so.  Image this same sequence when you leave for the day – or have company coming and you want to set a certain mood.

When true and personalized care is given to an entire design, the end result is particularly spectacular.  Let us help you create the perfect ambiance for your space!

  • sleek, streamlined products to hide electrical outlets, heating/cooling vents, speakers and more
  • natural and artificial light management solutions for new and existing spaces
  • sound system design for an immersive experience
  • high-performing outdoor entertainment spaces, integrated into the design and landscaping
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