Design Overview

highlighting what you love, hiding what you don't

Intelligent design creates a spark of magic at the moment when form meets function. Those sparks, those magical moments, is what Integration Controls provides to its clients in the form of our greatest luxury… time.

With the goal to give back time and create a sense of luxury with every design we craft,  our team custom-tailors solutions, unique to your tastes and needs. Our designers consider both aesthetics and purpose when they artfully bring your vision into reality. We leverage the power of technology to build convenience and elegance into the background of your home or business and we make sure to do it as turn-key and simple as possible. Our designs highlight the things you love about a particular space, while eliminating those you can do without.
In the design portal of our site, you can explore the ways that connected, intelligent solutions can enhance your life and bring magic to your world.

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