Case Study: Award Winning Home Theater

The Challenge:

Our client was building a new home and wanted to integrate a home theater experience that would trump that of traditional commercial movie megaplex. There’s just one problem, there is an underwater mural in the entertainment room that absolutely cannot be changed.

The Solution:

We worked with the room’s overall design to facilitate the best acoustic properties possible. Sidewalls were angled in toward the screen and an asymmetrical ceiling was built to reduce standing waves and add an aesthetic element to the room, while the thick-pile carpet and pad were used to absorb errant sound energy. The screen floats on three custom-made quarter inch steal brackets attached to the back wall, creating a floating screen effect and furthering the ocean theme.


The Technology:

The audio system features drivers with high sensitivity, allowing them to play with clean precision at any volume level. And the video system includes a massive 160-inch, 2.40:1, high-gain screen and anamorphic lens. Accent lighting radiates behind the screen and spills from the ceiling to the walls from dimmable LED strip lights, all controlled from the theater’s handheld remote.


Above & Beyond:Best_Technical_Design_2010h6> We used our design expertise to make the most of the technology we were bringing into the room. We leverage the ocean theme to create a full experience in the room, leaving no piece of coral unturned when finding ways to optimize the audio and visual experience in the space. Ultimately, ElectronicLiving agreed with us and awarded us a 2011 technical design award for our efforts.

Download the full Case Study here.

CEDIA: What is it?

We’re incredibly proud to be able to say that we’ve been a member of CEDIA since 2005. It means a lot to us, to be a part of this outstanding community, but what does it mean for you? We’d like to answer some of the common questions we get about our CEDIA certification and help show you how working with a CEDIA member directly benefits you as a client.

What’s CEDIA?

CEDIA is an international trade association of companies that specialize in designing and installing electronic systems for homes. They are the leading global authority on the home technology industry and represent 3,500 member companies and 22,000 industry professionals worldwide.

What exactly does CEDIA stand for?

Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.

Cedia Logo

What does it mean to be a member?

Being a member of CEDIA means that we have access to a full network of professionals, training, tools, and research that aren’t available to non-members. This means we have a wider breadth of knowledge that can be leverage to create EVEN BETTER tailored solutions for our clients. The awesome thing is that we aren’t just members, we’re also CEDIA Certified.

What is CEDIA Certified?

This means we’ve taken classes and been tested on our home technology knowledge. Think of it like we’ve gotten our masters in electronic home systems and customer service. In fact, we have such an excellent reputation within our own industry that Jeff, or co-owner, currently teaches upper level CEDIA Certification classes to other professionals.

What sorts of things do you have to know to be CEDIA Certified?

All sorts of different things, but some of the highlights include: rough-in and trim-out tasks; retrofit installation; component installation and troubleshooting; selecting the appropriate products and materials to be used in integrated residential systems, including alarm, telephone, data audio, video, home theater, HVAC, and lighting control; designing, installing, and configuring a network in a home;  and residential cabling assessments.


What certifications do you all hold at Integration Controls?

Electronic Systems Technician II (1)
Electronic Systems Technician III (1)
Residential Networking Specialist (1)
CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI) (1)

What are the benefits of working with a CEDIA Certified Professional?

There are specific standards of excellence that you have to uphold in order to be associated with CEDIA. The requirements range from customer service guidelines, to technical knowledge principles and a professional code of ethics.

How can I, personally, learn more about this stuff?

CEDIA actually has a client facing website that doubles as has a huge resource center where you can follow along with the latest news, trends, and ideas of our industry. You can check it out here.

Anything else I should know?

Actually, yes! We’re glad you asked. CEDIA also gives awards to top performing companies. We’ve won awards in 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014. You can check out the Case Studies section of our blog to see these awards in action.

Still have more questions? Just ask. That’s what we’re here for.

Case Study: Integration Controls Wins 2013 Best Integrated Home Award

It’s absolutely true what they say about loving your work: If you’re passionate about what you are doing, it’ll show in the final product.

One of our favorite projects received a silver award in technical design in 2013. You can download the full case study here or read the highlights below:

The first round of this project, technologically enhancing a 5,000-square-foot-lodge, was completed in 2011 and in 2012 the client reached back out to us for phase two.

The Challenge:

This time, our job was to turn two remote rural cabins into a technological haven for the owners who, wanted a retreat, but didn’t want to sacrifice their favorite creature comforts like music, television, and security.


Our Solution:

The first step was security. We leveraged a fiber backbone that was the foundation of the original lodge to create a full network infrastructure that opened up a world of possibilities. We installed cameras around each individual cabin, that were able to record on the DVR in the lodge. Additionally, each cabin was also outfitted with its own alarm system that could be accessed remotely.

We also worked with the local wireless Internet service provider to enhance the bandwidth needed to support our creation.

Then came the focus on entertainment. AMX handheld MIO R4 remotes were used in each TV area for easy control. Dedicated satellite receivers fed each viewing area, as well as a dedicated Blu-ray in the master suite and shared Blu-ray in the living area. All of these sources switch through an HDMI distribution matrix and an audio matrix switcher. Audio was made available in several other areas using a Sonos Connect,  one of the satellites, or the shared Blu-ray player. The crown jewel was an iPad using AMX app that allowed for whole-house control of any area, as well as “party modes” for presets to listen to several rooms at once.

Here’s a snapshot of all the tech we packed into this wilderness respite:



Going Above & Beyond




If you take a closer look at the cabin, you’ll notice something: Even with that long list of different pieces of equipment listed above, you really don’t see any of it. All of our wires and widgets are hidden away, redirecting attention to the parts of the cabin that the inhabitants truly want to enjoy, the ambiance.





2013_HoursYou’re probably wondering what sort of time and expertise went into the finished product. Well, we’ve got an answer for that:


After 516.33 hours spent 3 hours away from our Rock Hill office, we completed a project that our clients, our team, and ElectronicLifestyle thought was truly award winning!

Welcome to Our Website: Quick Guide

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that magic moment when design and technology infuse together to create convenience and elegance.  That’s what our business is all about and that’s what this website is all about.  Like the services we provide our clients, it’s got the perfect blend of visual appeal and functionality.

Here’s a quick guide to all the bells, whistles, easter-eggs, and resources that sprinkle Feel free to browse around on your own or simply click through this easy list of  the outstanding features of this site:

  1. Two Tract Mind:

    What’s most important to you? Is it the design of your space or is it the technology that makes it all work? We’re experts at both, so you don’t have to be. This website has two paths you can adventure down depending on what information is most useful to you. Interested in the interior design elements of our services? Read about them in the design portal. If technology is more your thing, we’ve got that covered too.

  2. Seamless Integration:

    We work with both commercial and residential clients. The neat thing about our process is that it allows us to completely customize your final product for you. As you navigate around the site, you’ll notice that every nook and cranny of information can apply to either commercial or residential solutions. No matter what your specific need is, we’ll be able to tailor something that exceeds your expectations.

  3. No Stock Imagery Was Used In Making This Site:

    We know it is hard to believe, but it is true.  With the exception of a few blog posts, every single image on our website comes from an actual project we provided and is 100% real. You’ll notice a disclaimer at the bottom of the page telling you as much, but once you check out our gallery it might be hard to believe. Pretty cool, huh?

  4. Award Winning Style:

    Just like our projects, this website is award winning. You can keep up with our trophy shelf as it fills here.

  5.  Education & Resources:

    Our biggest goal with this website was to be able to better connect with our clients. This blog is intended to be a library of information to teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about home automation, design, technology, and luxury. We are thought leaders within our industry and we would be remiss not to share everything we know about how beneficial our solutions can be for daily living. Check back here regularly for updates and info about what’s trending, what’s working, and what’s awesome in our world and yours.

  6. We Want To Talk To You:

    We have tons of spots on this website where you can reach out and say: “Hello!”. We really want to hear from you! Ask us anything, we’re constantly monitoring the submissions to the forms on our website. We’ve even got a spot where you can try and stump us with your craziest project idea. Just like in-real-life, one of our team members is always around to chat about what’s on your mind.

  7. Let’s Get Social:

    We’ve got links to our Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Houzz pages at the bottom of every page of the website. You can even see our Facebook feed on the website if you look to your left! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay up-to-date on what we’ve got going on.

  8. Lots of Examples:

    We’re all about making luxury both tangible and intangible, the first step is opening up our huge portfolio of work and making it 100% accessible on whatever device is most convenient for you. Tablet, phone, desktop, whatever your preference; you can explore what we do at the touch of a button.

Click around! Explore! Get to know us and get a feel for how we infuse luxury into the lives of those we work with.