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From design-only drawings to turn-key home technology solutions, we provide the best in service and value for integrated home automation designs. Since 2004, we have provided entertainment, ambiance, comfort and peace of mind for discerning homeowners in Clayton, Ladue, St. Albans, Chesterfield, Wildwood, Frontenac, and the greater St. Louis area. Our staff is CEDIA trained, HTA certified, and comprised of authorized Sonos and Control4 dealers, ensuring you work with only the best as it pertains to your residential project.


Home technology can be confusing, ever-changing, and frustrating when it doesn’t work. However, when you work with Integration Controls, know you aren’t alone. We are here to help you with the aspects of home technology you find overwhelming. Too many apps? Tired of cables? Piles of remotes? Can’t get Wi-Fi? Our free, in-home, consultation may open your eyes to new possibilities!

Design & Engineering

The late Steve Jobs once said “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around”. This philosophy drives the design and engineering process at Integration Controls, so you have the best balance of functionality, reliability, and aesthetics at the end. Systems are planned digitally and on paper to avoid costly mistakes, change orders, or having to do something twice – whether in new construction, remodeling, or in an existing home. We bring technology to the design table with architects, interior designers, builders and the rest of your project team so we can all work in unison.

Documentation & Wiring

Transferring an idea into a document others can understand and use is an important piece to any collaborative project. Your architect needs to know what space or mechanical changes are needed to house technology. Your interior designer needs to know where speakers will be placed so they do not compete with the lighting plan. Your builder needs to know where televisions will be mounted for blocking, carpentry, and electrical needs. Clearly-defined drawings outline device locations, wiring, power requirements, connections, and more. Documents are used by your project team and by our installation team to ensure everything comes together as expected, while providing a great resource for future service.


Ready to put the plan into action? All of the parts and pieces of a smart home technology system need to be executed with skill, precision, and craftsmanship. We select manufacturer partners that provide great quality and performance, supporting us as a dealer and you as an end user.

Maintenance & Support

Just as a vehicle needs regular maintenance and over time require service or replacement of parts, the same is true with smart technology and integrated systems. We provide continued tuning and system adjustments at set time intervals based on your unique solution to maximize performance levels. When something goes wrong, which is an inevitable truth about electronics, we will be there to fix it quickly. Plus the fact that constant innovation continues to advance electronic equipment means there may be new features and enhanced performance that you will want whether it’s for the video, music, security or control in your space. That’s why we take a proactive approach to communicating with you about the latest technology that is really important for you to consider and when updates to software and firmware are available. We’re here when you need us and are a trusted advisor you can count on.

Lighting Design

Our in-house lighting experts will create an efficient and elegant lighting solution that illuminates your space for function and aesthetics. We consult and collaborate with architects, engineers, interior designers and general contractors. You’ll receive documentation for fixture specifications, placement, and electrical plans. Combining our technical acumen and sensitive design techniques the light will beautifully elevate the experience of your space. Post-installation we focus and aim fixtures to optimize how light strikes objects and surfaces.

Architectural Finishes

Our goal is to make your technology invisible. We accomplish this with decorative veneers and overlays, touch-up and repair of all surfaces, paint and plaster replication, expert color matching, and much more. Elegant flush-mounting systems available for common wall accessories to be mounted flush with the finished wall surface for electrical outlets, lighting controls, data jacks, and automation touch screens. On-site troubleshooting and problem solving included with this service. Elegance and sophistication is maintained, and in some cases added, to the aesthetics of your space whether it’s contemporary, transitional or traditional.

Concierge Services

Working with cable and satellite providers to schedule installations, make changes, pause service, etc. can be a chore. When Integration Controls concierges this effort, however, you can continue about your day and leave the hassle to us!

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